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Jennifer Siess Gansner

Mine To Define
Mindset Performance Coach
St. Louis, MO, USA
I built Mine to Define coaching to help competitive athletic girls take charge of their performance, break down defining moments, create personalized strategies, and level up to win at sports and in life!

They say 90% of the game is mental
For coaches and parents, nothing is more frustrating than watching our talented players underperform due to mental struggles.
You feel helpless because nothing you say or do seems to improve that player’s state of mind.
And, it often gets worse - spiraling down into more individual mistakes, dragging down team performance, and (even worse) spreading into other aspect of their lives.
It’s a challenge for every coach, every parent, and every player - in all sports, at all levels.
But here’s the thing… We typically only spend lots of money, time, and effort on the technical and tactical sides of the sport (skilling & drilling) for our youth players - private lessons for swings, throws, kicks, bumps, passes, slaps, spikes, flips, and more!

Good news… the mental side of the game can be learned and practiced!
Just like any physical skill. Why? Because it actually IS a skill (even a physical one) in the mind!
So why don’t we have our players work on sharpening their minds? Simple…Most players are not aware of what is happening.* Parents don’t know where to begin - even when we try, they may not “wanna hear it” from “just” their parent. Even though coaches value this aspect, most just don’t have the practice time to dedicate towards it with our active kids. 
Imagine an athlete who is not rattled after an error. Or a player who tries that weaker skill or takes that risk to “go big”. Or a team filled with confident players who pick each other up and and boldly face challenges on and off the field.
No matter who you are in this sports equation, I just might know what it’s like to be in your shoes -- competitive player, coach, official, club founder, and parent of competitive athletes. I know what it’s like to succeed, fail, and all the in-between … and what it feels like to be your own worst critic.

We all have these same struggles every day. It’s a work in progress toward greater and greater mastery. It is my sincere belief that when we can DEFINE our experience, we can… “Know it, Name it, Own it, Change it”!
~ Coach Jen